Culina Bamboo in-Drawer Knife Tray w/Handle Rest Wedge 18"x9"x2.5"

Culina Bamboo in-Drawer Knife Tray w/Handle Rest Wedge 18"x9"x2.5"

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Dimensions fits standard size kitchen drawers bottom bumpers keep tray sliding around space-saving safe storage

Inserts larger slot suited honing steel slots all size blades long serrated straight edged dulling banging

Inclined wedge creates spacious layout handle rests spacing between blade inserts conveniently prop rest

Bamboo eco-friendly construction tough fiber self regenerates combats soil erosion blade-friendly material

Culina satisfaction guarantee

Are looking blade-friendly way store knife collection de-clutter kitchen drawer worry about leaving sharp knives full display countertop culina bamboo in-drawer tray slots safe space-efficient eco-friendly organizer designed simplify life functional space-saving block boasts inserts spacious layout with inclined wedge where even bulkiest handles propped rest orderly fashion honing insert host steel convenient feature suited most renowned brands kife dedicated any size blade steak pairing chef fit long blades double capacity shorter whether serrated straight edged our will without damaging each keeps separated banging edges accelerated dulling more rummaging need guards appreciate this highly organizing tool design tough construction products built reliable long-lasting service good earth engineered withstand daily repeated flinch prime sustainable resource favored environmentally conscious fiber self-regenerates combats soil erosion added bonus moso doesn't encroach pandas' food supply it's ethical wood time severe deforestation

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