5 Stylish Nespresso Pod Holders for a Classy Kitchen Look

Now that nespresso capsules come in handy, you can store them in to your kitchen. This is the best way to easily get one whenever you want that perfect cup of espresso. This is one of the best coffee trends that is introduced for busy people.

One thing people often get messed with is storage of these pods. Everybody wants to have all the things in the kitchen look organized. This is where the battle between the pod coffee giants would come in. Along with Nespresso, Keurig users aso face this problem.

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If this is one of the coffee issues you are experiencing, you would be happy to know the following solution. There are different Nespresso pot holders that are available in the market. These pod holders and storage racks can help you organize your collection. Here are few of the best ones you can consider to buy one for your kitchen:

5 Stylish Nespresso Pod Holders for a Classy Kitchen Look
This Nespresso organizer can help you organize your capsules individually.  Pinterest

Espresso Capsule Carousel

This Nespresso organizer can help you organize your capsules individually. This is a tall tower that makes the capsules look more organized. It is designed to be able to hold 50 nespresso capsules. You can easily choose and get a coffee pod with its smooth gliding base. This is one of the most popular organizers because of its minimalist and efficient style.

Hanging Nespresso Coffee Pod Holder

If your goal is to save space, the hanging Nespresso coffee pod holder is recommended for you. With this, you can easily store your coffee pods and reach it whenever you need one. It can be mounted in the underside of the cupboard. If you do not need them, you can just easily fold it. It is perfectly created to hold maximum of 40 pods. It comes in eight rows, which made it look more organized.

CafeStack Nespresso Capsule Organizer

The CafeStack Nespresso Capsule Organizer comes with shelve storage compartments. It can contain a maximum of 60 capsules. When you are selecting the pod you want to get, you can use the drop down option. This will show you pods where you can easily choose from. After getting what you need, you can easily push it back. This is one of the unique features of this Nespresso capsule organizer.

5 Stylish Nespresso Pod Holders for a Classy Kitchen Look
This Nespresso capsule holder is inspired by Donkey Kong. Pinterest

Wall Mounted Acrylic Nespresso Coffee

This Nespresso capsule holder is inspired by Donkey Kong. It is mounted on the wall and comes with a rolling zig-zag pattern. The angles and slopes are perfectly placed so allow the graceful drop down of the pods. Even the texture is designed for that matter. It can hold up to 50 capsules and it is made from materials that perfectly support the pods.

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Nespresso Pod Storage Drawer

If you are looking at the practicality and efficiency of the storage, the Nespressor Pod Storage Drawer is for you. It can also be used as a tray where you can place the machine on top. This way, you will not have to occupy extra space in your kitchen. It usually comes with a storage capacity for up to 50 capsules. It has a durable design. It can carry the coffee machine and it comes with an anti-slip pad.

Organizing your kitchen has never been this easy. Aside from making sure that you have all the Nespresso pods in a single area, these organizers also add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. They are designed to adapt to any current design you have. All you need to do now is to look for the one that will be perfectly integrated to your kitchen. Though these are designed for any style, your preference will still be the best judge.

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