5 Ways to Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine

You already know that self-care should never be an afterthought (it is one of the biggest buzzwords, after all). But a modern lifestyle, busy work life, and an apocalyptic-level year (is it 2021 yet??) might have made it difficult to prioritize yourself (or make you feel guilty when you do). However, self-care is the most important insurance that you show up as your best self in every area of your life, and therefore, self-care should be completely restorative. Think about it: it’s not really caring for yourself if it doesn’t make you happier, calmer, and less stressed (looking at you, stinging face mask and overpacked workout routine!). Because the holidays are coming, stay-at-home orders are still going strong, and stress levels are through the roof, it’s time we take a look at our self-care routines and incorporate some much-needed upgrades. Here are five easy ways to update your self-care routine to ensure you’re caring for yourself in the best way possible:


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1. Use CBD to de-stress

TBH, I thought I mastered the self-care game until I found Equilibria’s CBD. The trendy wellness ingredient started popping up in everything from makeup to dog products a couple of years ago, but it’s stayed around for good reason (even my doctor recommended it for anxiety and stress relief). Whether self-care looks like a CBD bath in the evenings, indulging in self-massage with CBD Relief Cream to relieve aches and pains, or taking Daily Drops to feel more calm and less tension throughout your day (yes, even the busiest workdays), there’s a CBD product for your self-care routine. Pro tip: pretty much everyone on our team swears that they have the best sleep of their lives after using CBD products. And what better way to care for yourself than a good night’s rest?


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2. Schedule self-care in your calendar

When our schedules get busy, self-care is often the first thing to go since it can be put off “until tomorrow,” and the only person we’re breaking plans with is ourselves. But self-care is not selfish, nor should it be negotiable. Self-care is crucial for not only your health and wellbeing (which should be #1 anyway), but it allows you to show up as your best self in the other areas of your life, whether it’s work or tending to relationships.

Think of it like charging an iPhone: self-care recharges your battery so that you can be energetic and motivated at work, kind and caring in your relationships, and overall show up as your best self. It’s the necessary ingredient for success in every area of your life, so treat it as such. To make sure you’re consistently prioritizing yourself, schedule self-care like workouts, baths, or downtime to read and relax into your calendar. Honor those time slots like you would any other meeting or appointment.


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3. Read a book that makes you better

The point of self-care is to invest time, energy, and money into yourself. Instead of spending all of your downtime bingeing another Netflix series (although there is always time for that), take some time before bed or first thing in the morning to read a book that betters you. Whether it’s a self-help book, a career advice memoir, or inspirational essays, choose to consume material that makes you happier, smarter, or healthier. Not only can a good book impact your life, but spending downtime doing something good for you will increase your confidence and can even snowball into changes in all areas of your life. Now that’s self-care. 


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4. Make sure “self-care” means “self-love”

“Self-care” is such a buzz-worthy term in 2020 that we give it a clear definition of face masks, bubble baths, and a glass of wine or a yoga flow (whatever floats your boat). However, the root of self-care should not be wellness trends; it should be self-love. In reality, self-care does not have an exact definition; it’s anything and everything that makes you feel recharged, replenished, and cared for. If you’re not sure what that is for you, take some time getting to know yourself: think about what you believe in, what you value, and what restores you. Anything you do for the sake of self-care should be to improve the relationship you have with yourself, so saying “no” when you mean “no,” being true to who you are, and forgiving yourself are some of the most radical acts of self-care you could ever practice.


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5. Take care of your home environment

So it’s the millionth day of staying at home: dishes are piling up in the sink, the junk drawer has gone rogue, and forget about making the bed every morning. Especially if you’re in a studio apartment like me, you might have given up all hope for keeping up with the space that you use to work, exercise, sleep, and relax in (guilty!). However, your home environment is more important for your wellbeing than you may realize. Clutter in the space translates into clutter in the mind, while a peaceful environment can impact everything from sleep quality to stress levels. If you’re looking for where to start with self-care, try starting with your home. Declutterupgrade bedding, and add in cozy accents. Turning your home into an oasis is not only a matter of decor, but an act of self-care.

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