6 Best Blind Corner Cabinet Organizers in 2021

6 Best Blind Corner Cabinet Organizers in 2021

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In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best organizer pull outs for blind corner cabinets.

These are pull out organizers that can be easily retrofitted into an existing cabinet! You can finally utilize the un-used space in the kitchen with these top rated products.

Before we dive in, you might need a further explanation of a blind corner cabinet or want to find out if you have a blind left or a blind right cabinet. 

I also included some more need-to-know information about blind corner cabinets and organizers throughout this article.

Looking to make a quick pick…here’s my top three choices.

  1. Best ChoiceRev-A-Shelf 5PSP Blind Corner Organizers
  2. Best High-EndHafele Le Mans Blind Corner Organizer
  3. Best ValueRev-A-Shelf Half-Moon Blind Corner Organizers

How to Choose a Blind Corner Organizer

Blind corner organizers can look a bit complicated. Don’t get me wrong…they can be more complex installations than your typical pull out baskets or other storage organizers.

Here’s are few helpful things to keep in mind when selecting a pull out blind corner organizer:

Working With Existing Shelves

You’ll most likely have to take any existing shelves out of the blind corner cabinet before installing a pull out organizer.

There are some organizers that do mount to an existing shelf, but most require and use the whole space.

Choosing The Right Size

This is where the most headaches occur. All blind corner cabinet sizes are not made the same. This is something to watch out for when selecting a pull out organizer for this type of cabinet.

Measure the opening width of the cabinet as well as all inside dimensions. The organizer will need to fit within these dimensions for optimal operation.

Watch Out for Interfering Applicances

This is something to consider when choosing a blind corner organizer.

The organizer will either swing out towards the left or swing out towards the right.

Having the organizer swing out can potentially interfere with appliances that operate next to the blind corner cabinet.

Be sure to double check for compatibility with product dimensions and where you will place it within your kitchen.

Blind Left Or Blind Right Cabinet?

This is one question to take note of if you are on the search for a blind corner organizer.

Some manufacturers explain the differences in various ways. Take look at our article on this very subject.

The bottom line? Where is the dead space in the blind corner cabinet. Is it back left or back right. That is your “blind” area.

Here’s a simple way to look at it…

If the organizer swings out left, it’s a blind right.
If the organizer swings out right, it’s a blind left.

How Do You Organize a Blind Corner Cabinet

Blind corner organizers come in a number of “styles” and shapes. These characteristics reflect in the price and also in the overall functionality of the space. Here are some ideas on how to get blind corners organized with interior cabinet accessories.

1. Chrome Wire Pull Out Baskets

I always recommend getting a square basket organizer, since the blind corner cabinet is shaped as such, it’s a nice use of the overall cabinet space.

2. Two-Tier Swing Out Trays

Most blind corner organizers will have multiple “tiers” or shelves that swing out. As blind corner cabinets are often full height base cabinets, using multiple trays is always a great option for lots of storage.

3. Traditional Pie-Cut Lazy Susan

These are a bit old fashioned, but still a mainstay in lots of kitchens. These types of corner cabinet accessories mount to the inside of the cabinet and also to the cabinet door. When in use, the cabinet door will then rotate inside of the cabinet.

4. Pivot Out Wood Trays

Shelves that pivot out are also a nice option for storing heavier items as it’s a little more stable than some trays that swing out and extend far out of the blind cabinet space.

5. Corner 90 Degree Drawers

Using false front drawers on corner cabinets is also a unique solution. The shelves will slide out at an angle providing great storage opportunities.

Who Has The Best Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer

There are two ways you often come across blind corner organizers and pull out storage accessories in general:

  • Cabinet manufacturers who include them within their cabinets when ordered.
  • Brands that offer them as a retro-fit option or for DIY’ers who want to install into existing cabinets.
Several key brands or manufacturers occupy the storage organizer space today. As you see, we often recommend Rev-A-Shelf products as they are a leader in this particular industry. Other companies like, Clever Storage or Salice have lots of options too.

Brands I Like...

Best Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer

1. Rev-A-Shelf - 5PSP Series Blind Corner Organizer

The 5PSP Series product from Rev-A-Shelf is a tried and true blind corner organizer that has been around forever. In my opinion, it’s the very best organizer for your money.

The best part is that it can be used on a blind left or a blind right cabinet. It features four square baskets. Having square baskets means you are getting a product that takes advantage of the blind corner space.

Rev-A-Shelf has sizes for both 15″ and 18″ minimum cabinet opening widths.

Can remove baskets that sit on hooks, 15lb. per shelf, easy to install and works for right or left handed blind cabinets.

2. Hafele - Le Mans Blind Corner Organizer

The LeMans blind corner organizers have been a staple in many kitchens from some time now. They are well-known for the ease of installation and simple adjustments.

The “bean” shape shelves are height adjustable every 2″. The LeMans is also designed for full height door and door/drawer applications.

Left swing and right swing options are available as these are not universal.

There are various sizes to work in 32.25″, 36.25″ and 38″ wide blind corner cabinets.

Works with full height and cabinets with drawer, large surface trays, adjustable tray heights, various sizes and finishes.

3. Rev-A-Shelf - "Half Moon" Blind Corner Organizer

If you need a quality product that’s easy to install and still won’t break the bank, the 6882 Series “Half Moon” from Rev-A-Shelf can do the job.

The 2-tiered half moon style trays are a great option for blind corners.

This is also universal for both blind left or a blind right cabinets. No guessing needed.

Sturdy polymer plastic that’s easy to clean, fits in lots of cabinet openings and for right or left blind cabinets (non-handed).

4. Rev-A-Shelf - 4WLS Series Blind Corner Organizer

If you like the look of wood trays, the Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS Series has to be one to check out. The 4WLS Series blind corner organizers is one of the best-selling products.

It uses pivot and slide hardware to bring the trays out towards the user which makes it easy to grab your essentials.

The more traditional look of wood shelves/trays is ideal for lots of kitchens.

Solid maple wood trays, works with drawer above or full height cabinets and great for smaller opening cabinet widths.

5. Rev-A-Shelf - Soft Close Blind Corner Organizer

This is another version of the Rev-A-Shelf 5PSP, our top pick blind corner organizer. The only difference is the solid bottom maple baskets versus the chrome wire on the original.

If you want to match your existing wood cabinet finish, this is super nice. This series from Rev-A-Shelf is quality in every aspect.

Various sizes for both 15″ and 18″ minimum opening widths.

Removable baskets, works on both left or right handed blind cabinets, maple wood basket trays.

6. VADANIA - Blind Corner Pull Out Organizer

The VADANIA blind corner organizer is a great economical option to get your hands on.

One great feature is the height adjustability of the trays, this is ideal for taller items you need to store. It also has high guard rails to prevent items from falling out.

Minimum opening width of 17.7 inches.

32.5 lbs. weight per shelf, soft closing trays, adjustable tray heights and Left or Right handed options.

Our Takeaway...

There are some nuances to these particular “blind corner” pull out organizers. Blind corner cabinets can be a tricky space to work within. Most products can fit inside of standard blind corner cabinet width of 42″, 45″ and 48″.

As these organizers can be retrofitted into an existing cabinet, be sure to note down both the dimensions of your blind corner cabinet and the size requirements that the organizer needs to work properly.

My final conclusion is that I still really like the overall simplicity and ease of installation we get from the Rev-A-Shelf 5PSP Series product.

Don’t let these quirky storage organizers scare you away. Again as long as you triple check your inner cabinet dimensions with what the actual specifications are of the blind corner organizers you will have no problem.

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