Dragon Egg Storage Basket

Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Storage & Organization
Price: 14.95

This organization and storage keep your home clean and clutter-free with these multi-purpose stackable containers.

  • These versatile small shelf baskets, ideal for bathroom vanity drawers, kitchen, medicine cabinet, office, and more! It's a bulk of small drawer organizers.
  • These sturdy, long-lasting woven flat plastic bins and baskets. It's great for your bathroom organization and makeup organizer drawers.
  • These handy plastic storage bins containers are great at keeping your odds n ends compartmentalized! It also can be a small drawer divider.

Weight: 100g 
Product size: 12*8cm 
Material: PP 
Color: green, pink, blue

Package Included:

1x Dragon Egg Make-up Pen Storage Basket

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