Friday Facts + Favorites!!

I have some facts that need to be discussed today…

My personal distance record for running while pushing a jogging stroller is 15 miles… Beck and I are looking to break that record this spring/summer.  

IMG 5362

Beck refuses to let us feed him anymore and will only eat if he is feeding himself.

IMG 2181

3 pm is when my body tells me that it is time to go to bed and that strong desire to sleep lasts for about 30 minutes… this occurs every single day of my life.  

IMG 2214

My sister is currently turning this big blue room into a mudroom and also a pantry… I’ll show you the afters soon!

Screen Shot 2022 01 27 at 5 23 11 PM

We will be taking those training wheels off soon.

IMG 2225

Brooke is better than I am at mountain biking which means she has taken over mountain biking with Andrew.

IMG 9273

Each of my babies has hated the feeling of grass on their skin… Beck just crawled around with his feet up.

IMG 2409

I teared up when Brooke sat in the chair for the first time at the hair salon instead of the little cars to get her hair cut.  

IMG 2085

Cross country season is coming up for my kids at their school and it actually gets to happen this year!  I’ll be coaching and so a lot of my free time these days will be getting it all organized.  I am so excited. 

IMG 3142

My mom is an incredible artist, this is her most recent project!

Resized 20220131 111740


Just a few things this week as far as favorites go!

*RUNNERS CLUB SWEATSHIRT.  I’m all about wearing items that show off my love for running ha.  

IMG 2413

*I copied everyone with the ziplock bag storage organizer… kind of pricey but I figure I’ll use it forever and it makes this drawer look so much better.

IMG 2594

*This reminder from one of my old posts about the good and bad patches during a run…

Screen Shot 2022 01 27 at 4 28 27 PM


Ever hit that time in the afternoon when you feel like you need to just hide in a dark room for a bit?  What time is it usually for you?

Have any fun weekend plans?

Have any clothes/bumper stickers/items that show you are a runner?

What is your workout today?

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