How To Store AND Make Your Vitamins Look Good On Your Kitchen Counter… So You Actually Remember To Take Them

Do you have the ‘vitamin corner’ on your counter?? The other day during our meeting, Emily was telling us that this was a real pain point in her family: a bunch of UGGO JUGGOS of daily vitamins shoved into the corner of her kitchen counter because they have different vitamins for every family member + they need to be HIGHLY accessible. And while you can store some vitamins in your bathroom medicine cabinet (or not in your medicine cabinet, throwback to that design debate), others need to be taken with food and need to be near the kitchen. Plus, it’s already hard enough to remember to take your vitamins, which is why so many of us do the counter sprawl. It’s time to find a better way. So today, we’re giving you options on options of pretty vitamin storage to ease your pain points and keep your kitchen clutter-free (but still functional, obviously). We have everything from a 2-minute quick fix to renovation-based options so there’s truly something for everyone here.

Disclaimer: Finding pretty photos of ‘vitamin storage’ is easier said than done (people don’t want to take pretty, professionally shot photos of their vitamins? Weird, right?), so some of these solutions have other jars/kitchen items in them, so you might need to use your imagination a tiny bit. Mmmmkay, let’s get to it 🙂

Hang Them On A Wall Or Inside A Cabinet

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There are going to be 2 kinds of people reading this post: those who want their vitamins out where they can SEE them so they remember to TAKE them, and those who want their vitamins tucked away (but still accessible) so you don’t have the eyesore. With that said, some of these examples will be directed toward one type of person at a time, and others will have two options for both types of people.

We’re starting with an option for both types of people… If you want to SEE your vitamins but don’t want the kitchen counter clutter, try using your vertical space and storing them on a wall as shown above. The photo on the right is a magnetic shelf that attaches to your fridge so if you’re renting and you’re not down to make potentially big holes in your wall for vitamin storage, then that could be a great solution for you. However, if you don’t want them so outwardly displayed but you still want to have them neat, organized, and easy to access then try this:

via bed bath and beyond | via duo ventures

Hang them on the inside of a cabinet door or pantry door, this way they’re hidden but still organized.

HOT TIP: if you forget to remember to take your vitamins often but don’t want them exposed to the world on a daily basis, hang them on the inside of the cabinet or door you open most frequently. Having them on the pantry door is smart because if you need to take your pills with food you’ll be reminded to take them every time you’re hungry and go to make a snack or meal. Lifehack, am I right??

Stash Them In A Bread Box

via west elm

If you’re lacking vertical space and your kitchen counters are the best option, try stashing your vitamins and supplements inside a pretty bread box. If you’re forgetful and bad at taking vitamins on time, this is a good solution because you’ll see the box daily which will hopefully remind your brain to take them. You could also put a little post-it note or label on the box for a daily living if you need a reminder.

Decant Into Airtight Jars

home of amanda henderson-marks and michael marks | Photo by eve wilson | via the design files

If you’re the see-your-vitamins kind of person, then these next two options are for you. First, you can decant your vitamins into a jar and display them like you would spices on your counter or open shelving – make sure the jars are cohesive and that they really seal in the vitamins…nothing is worse than a stale gummy vitamin. Again, not a lot of beautifully designed kitchens are styled with decanted vitamins (HOW WEIRD???), so depending on the size of your vitamin or supplement bottle, you could do this with a lot of different sized jars. You could even label them and store them like you would spices in a spice rack if you wanted to! Here’s the best example photo I could find:

image source

Hahaha, it’s so pharmacy chic but you get the picture. Also, I can already hear your comments: “Mallory those jars are TINY for my giant vitamins!!!” My response: Get a bigger jar if you need it (maybe a mason jar!) or if you buy your vitamins in bulk and have a bunch of them, you could put your daily vitamin jars out and then have your bulk vitamins in the pantry to replenish when you need to. Plus this is helpful because you’ll know whenever you’re running low without the surprise panic moment of ‘oops I’m on my last pill’ because that panic feeling sucks.

Another comment I’m going to address before it comes is the ‘IF I DECANT MY VITAMINS HOW WILL I EVER REMEMBER WHEN OR HOW MUCH TO TAKE?’ My response: if you want or need to keep the directions, you could do one of two things: 1. Label your vitamins and put the directions on the back or bottom of the jars (could be time-consuming but worth it if you’re that kind of person), or 2. Keep your vitamin jars in your pantry if you need to double-check directions. Heck, or you could just not decant them and go with another option on this list. It’s your house, your vitamins, you do you sister sue.

Floating Cubbies

image source

Another option if you’re looking to see your vitamins as they deplete (aka have them in a clear container) but you don’t want them all directly on the counter, is to use your vertical space again and get comfy with these kinds of cubbies. I love the idea of having daily necessities decanted and easily accessible in cubbies like this. And let’s be real, seeing when you’re getting low on something and need to restock is truly a wonderful gift you can give your daily self. Depending on the kind of cubby you get, you should have an eye out to make sure they’re well-sealed for the same issue as above (we do not condone stale vitamins or powders in this post thank you very much).

I love how the photo above created these cubbies out of that sidewall area that generally goes pretty unused, too. It’s an awesome storage solution If you don’t the room for the above, then you could also do a cubby situation directly underneath your cabinets like so:

image source

Heck, you could store a lot of things like this, not just vitamins. If you’re lacking kitchen storage space this is a very smart solution. VERRRRY SMART. Plus I think it looks cute!

Pretty Tray To Corral Vitamins

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from our english modern country kitchen

This is probably the easiest ‘fix’ on the list…see how Em styled her cooking oils and such on this cute wood tray/cutting board?? A pretty tray ALWAYS makes things look better, so if you have a tray lying around and want to make a small upgrade right now today, try this out. Will your vitamin bottles instantly turn beautiful? Absolutely not, but at least they will look a little more pulled together and intentional 🙂 But if you do want them to look beautiful then you just decant them AND put them on a tray.

Lazy Susan

via the home edit

The lazy susan was one of the best inventions to ever happen to the home/org industry IMHO. If you have A TON of supplements because you’re trying to be ‘that’ girl (or person), then a lazy susan in the pantry or a cabinet might be the move for you. I love a lazy susan because it lets you rotate and see everything so nothing gets left behind and you don’t have randomness decaying in the back of your pantry. Truly no vitamin gets left behind in this solution, I would just recommend putting these in a cabinet that’s easily accessible (or on your kitchen counter) so you can remember to take your vitamins.

The Pull Out Spice/Vitamin Cabinet

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: inside all our (super organized) drawers & cabinets in the mountain house kitchen

For a more renovation-based approach, consider putting your vitamins in a pull-out cabinet like Em’s spice/cooking oil drawer in the mountain house kitchen. This way they’ll get their own little designated area in the kitchen and you won’t have to wonder where the heck all those vitamins should go. Also, you can keep all of your vitamins in the bottles they come in so you won’t lose easy access to the directions like you would if you decanted them. This one’s a little less easy to see and so it will be harder to remember to take them, but hey you could also just set an alarm or reminder on your phone these days, so if that’s more your speed why not build them into your kitchen design??

Now for some products that can help you achieve your storage needs. HOT TIP: you’ll want to measure your vitamin bottles before you buy any of these, these product sizes vary (and so does each person’s specific vitamin collection). The worst thing would be getting a shelf that doesn’t fit your supplement bottles, so measure before you buy! Also, I included some daily pill organizers at the end since it’s the most affordable and easiest way to quickly organize your vitamins. Plus you can travel with it you’re in the market (they are so helpful!)

Wall Mount Spice Rack | 2. Clear Lazy Susan | 3. Etsy Open Shelving 4. Wood Round Tray | 5. Custom Kitchen Cubbies | 6. Marble Lazy Susan | 7. Bread Box | 8. Magnetic Shelf | 9. Over The Cabinet Organizer | 10. Wooden Pill Box | 11. Day/Night Pill Organizer | 12. Monthly Vitamin Organizer

Hopefully, this post was helpful and gave you some new ideas for this common pain point. If you have any other ideas or ways you store your vitamins we’d love to hear them! We’ll meet ya in the comments section. Thanks for coming to our vitamin ted talk! Goodbye!!

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Inside All Our (Super Organized) Drawers & Cabinets in The Mountain House Kitchen

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