Often when I first meet with clients who are struggling with their handling of paper, their biggest challenge is getting their hands on information when they need it quickly.  Imagine if you had one place to go to find your insurance policy number...


Creating a system to capture all of these important items could take hours.  I know, because I have done it for hundreds of clients as a professional organizer.  That’s why I wanted to make it easier for you and your family members to access all the important items without having to search through piles of paper or file drawer. 
Life’s Lists Life Binder
Introducing the Life’s Lists Life Binder (click here to dowload).  I created this basic binder system for you to simply print and start filling in important information about finances, insurance, vehicles, properties, estates, kids, and medical info.  I also created a household section to capture daily tasks like planning meals, cleaning and bill paying.  Everything you need to run your household in one place.
Sections and Tabs Are Printed and Inserted Into A Binder
Here is run down of the sections you can use to customize the information you need to track in a Life Binder:

Vehicles:  Track your mileage for work or business, your maintenance records for each vehicle and basic information on each vehicle you own like VIN, make/model, date purchased etc.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Vehicle Section
Finances:  This section works to help you track the accounts you have, but also to help you manage your budgets and debts.  Track your bank and credit card account information.  Use sheets the Donation, Bill, Budget, Expense and Debt Trackers to keep track of what you are spending.  Track Investments and retirement benefit information all in one place.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Finances Section
Insurance:  Use this section to identify all of your insurance policies and important information about each of them.  There is also a sheet to inventory your valuables in the house.  Add pictures of important jewelry, artwork etc. 
Life’s Lists Life Binder Insurance Section
Vital Records:  Keep important information on each family member in this section.  Copies of important documents such as Passports, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Voter Registration, Degrees & Diplomas, and personal data such as Social Security numbers, for quick reference.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Vital Records Section
Properties:  Log all the info about all of the properties you have owned or rented.  Track home improvement projects or plan future projects.  Keep important contractor and home service contact information all in one place.  Create an index of paint colors for your house.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Properties Section
Estate:  Use this section for information on wills/trusts/estates you may manage.  Keep copies of death certificates here.  Use our Estate Organizer to track important information on who to contact, funeral preferences and obituary information here.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Estate Section
Children:  Create a page for each child’s school so you can quickly find the main number, teacher names, friends info etc.  Organize tasks such as kids chores, plan lunchbox meals and notes for the sitter.  Track children’s clothing sizes as well as use our sheet to capture their fingerprints and vital information.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Children Section
Household:  This section helps you manage tasks in the house with our cleaning schedule and housekeeper notes.  Plan meals in a more organized way with our meal planning/grocery list, pantry, freezer and fridge inventory sheets.  Manage security information with our quick info sheet as well as inventory in your safety deposit boxes or safes.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Household Section
Medical:  Keep yourself or a loved one healthier by tracking their supplements, prescriptions, food and exercise.  Note medical insurance information and medical history for quick reference.
Life’s Lists Life Binder Medical Section
Extras:  Use this section for tracking Military records and pet information.  Add your own pages for information customized to your family.
Lists Life Binder Extras Section
Click here for a preview of some of our pages:  https://www.flipsnack.com/LifesLists/lifes-lists-life-binder.html?fbclid=IwAR0EWDqhlLtK4B_PFZqrro0OLvYp4WB3iFsLViyqxbPC6OfL3mK3tvpiM1g

We are busy working on some other sections to add to your Life Binder.  Coming soon:

Planning: Templates to organize your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.

Travel:  Templates to plan your future trips, packing lists and bucket lists.

Leisure Activities:  Lists to track books, movies, tv shows and places you want to go.

Events:  Pages to help you remember anniversaries, birthdays, plan parties, holidays and menus.

Click here to download the Life’s Lists Life Binder
Life’s Lists Life Binder
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