Organizing Tips: Kids Toys

kids toysWhether you have one kid or five, live in a mansion or a tiny home, it’s the same everywhere: you will scream in pain and likely cuss if you step on a Lego. To keep the Lego and all the other kids’ toys organized and out of the way (especially now that you’re all cooped up together), we offer these organizing tips to help you keep their toys tidy and somewhat organized. Don’t give up!  It is possible.

Organizing Tips for Toys

Ziploc bags are perfect for storing board game pieces and puzzle pieces. They will fit in the original game boxes and eliminate disappearing or mixed up pieces. Encourage your child to out away one game or puzzle before starting a new one.

Containers work. Choose shelves, bins, baskets, and/or drawer storage units to organize kids toys and games for easy access and easy cleanup.

Labeling storage receptacles will not only make things easy to find but also encourages early sight recognition and reading skills at the same time. Labeling also helps visiting playmates assist in the cleanup process.

Use a timer to make a game out of tidying a messy room. A two-minute pickup can work wonders!

Create a scheduled cleanup time. Experiment with ten minutes before dinner or just before bedtime. Choose a time that will work well with your family’s schedule.

Bonus organizing tip: Enlist your child’s help in keeping things neat and organized. Let them help you decide where their toys should be stored.

If this is a new habit, give yourselves time to make it habit. A new habit takes about three weeks to form. Set up a small reward at the end of the first month as an incentive. These organizing tips can make life easier for you and your child.


Virtual Organizing goes well with Social Distancing. We are all in this together, and I have a lot of trust that we can weather any storm, especially a storm as big as the one we’re in right here, right now.

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