Put A Lid On It: Top 5 Recommended Kitchen Cabinets for Organizing Pots and Pans and Lids

If you’ve done any research at all on kitchen cabinets, you know there is no shortage of unique storage solutions on the market today. Gone are the days of chunking all your pots and pans and lids into a base cabinet or in the warming drawer under your oven, even though it can double as a storage drawer, depending on the manufacturer. There are definitely some nifty pots and pans organizer cabinet solutions available.

There are lots of choices, but they all follow the same basic design idea using deep drawers or roll-out trays that bring your heaviest cooking items out to you. No more digging through dark cabinet recesses for your favorite Dutch oven or cast iron skillet.   

If you’re in an older home or apartment with limited kitchen space, cabinet storage solutions may be difficult to accommodate. Options available might include ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted pot racks. Another solution is peg boards, but if you’re not careful you run the risk of your kitchen looking like a basement workshop.

We’ve rounded up a few of our top recommendations, including a simple DIY option if you’re handy and have some time.

Pots & Pans Pull-Out

Photo: FamilyHandyman.com

This clever idea comes from FamilyHandyman.com. It’s a base cabinet pull-out for hanging pots and pans that you can build yourself using an H-frame and side-mount drawer glides. This involves cutting the frame out of pine, attaching the glides to that and to a separate carrier piece that slides in and out of the cabinet. Heavy-duty metal hooks attached to the carrier hold the pots and pans when you’re finished. This DIY accessory is designed to support everyday pots and pans, not extremely heavy objects. The website gives simple step-by-step instructions to complete the project.

Pots & Pans Drawers

CliqStudios dayton style pots and pans deep drawer Painted Linen cabinet with stacked cookware
modern kitchen cooktop wall has deep drawer storage, black granite countertops, white shaker cabinets, built in wall ovens and large white glass subway tile backsplash

Our heavy-duty drawers are perfect for storing pots and pans. These solid base drawers feature dovetail joints, fully captured 1/4″ plywood bottoms, and Blum® soft-close drawer glides. Deep drawer cabinets let you slide your heaviest pots and pans out to you. There’s plenty of room to store accompanying lids as well. Never again will you find yourself on your hands and knees reaching for items from the back of a deep dark cabinet.

Roll-Out Trays

Lower roll-out tray in a base cabinet storing stacked pots. and pans.
Make storage and access to pots and pans easy using Roll-out Trays.

Tired of reaching blindly into the back of your cabinets, and then hoping to locate the item you need? Do you find yourself pulling out every pot on the shelf trying to find the correct one? Roll-Out Trays in base cabinets are a must-have solution to increase efficiency and visibility in your kitchen design.

Choose between one or two trays for your base cabinets including glides. Glides eliminate the need to constantly shift items to find what you need.

Pots & Pans Roll-Out Tray with Organizer Insert

Designed entirely in-house, the CliqStudios Pots & Pans Organizer nests into a base cabinet Roll-Out Tray. A simple but powerful storage accessory, it has two slightly angled half-depth shelves designed to hold lids. Underneath is a large space, tall enough to accommodate all but the largest of cookware. Basically, it’s a simple but powerful accessory.

Lazy Super Susan Cabinet

The Lazy Super Susan corner base cabinet maximizes those hard-to-access corner spaces. Two hardwood trays spin to display all contents at a touch of the finger, making this a perfect place to store pots, pans and lids.

In the past, lazy Susan cabinets got a bad rap because of cheap plastic shelves rotating around a pole where items continually fall off. The CliqStudios Lazy Super Susan offers two fixed, solid hardwood shelves with pie-shaped trays that spin 360 degrees independently on top of each shelf. This does away with the awkward pole/shaft design from years ago. Rotating trays allow you to store much larger items while maintaining the convenient spinning action. Access to the trays is through bi-fold “gull wing” doors that open 170 degrees.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel project, it isn’t just about cabinets. It’s about the full picture. It’s about your style and getting organized. A kitchen that works for you improves your cooking experience and creates a safe retreat. Make smart choices with your kitchen storage and you will in turn boost your kitchen design.

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