Refrigerator is Organized!!

Over the past two years, the idea of organizing our home has gone from a daunting task to something that has actually become quite fun for me. I started off with an amazing organizer who not only got our kitchen and playroom in tip-top shape, but also showed me the ropes on her process as well. She made it easy for our family to stay organized by simplifying our routines. As part of this process, now everything in the kitchen has a home, so Im not throwing random things in drawers where they dont belong. Guilty!

(Insider tip: It works for kids, too! When I ask Lennox to put his toys away, he knows exactly where they go! Super big mom win here! )

Because this system has worked well for us, I wanted to bring some of these organization tactics to our refrigerator, too, which felt scary at first , but I did it!! To be honest, our fridge was starting to look like the drawers used to in our kitchen i.e. random things stuffed in corners where they dont belong. I wanted to open the fridge and freezer to see delicious food vs. reaching for my favorite salad dressing and realizing it expired in 2016! Truth. Plus, I wanted to make cooking meals fun again and not feel like such a chore.

So, I finally did a complete overhaul on our refrigerator and Im thrilled to report its looking so much better! One of my inspirations was our new Bosch French door bottom mount refrigerator. I had seen refrigerators with a middle drawer and was dying to get one for all of our fresh produce. We go to the farmers market weekly, and I always try to cook with as many fresh vegetables as possible, plus we eat a ton of fruit. The sad part is our produce was going bad faster than we could eat it. But let me tell you, the Bosch VitaFreshPro drawer is like magic! It has a four-point FarmFresh System that is specifically designed to keep food fresh for longer. I swear, I can buy kale, clean it, chop it and it will stay fresh and crisp in that drawer for two weeks. Ive already saved so much money on produce since the beginning of the year when we got our new Bosch refrigerator.Next up, color coordinating. As part of my mission to make cooking more fun and keep my family eating tons of fresh fruits and veggies, I took it a step further and organized my produce to form a rainbow! You can laugh, its ok! Does it always look like this? No, but it sure makes me excited to keep cooking with fresh, healthy ingredients. Now every time we open that drawer to grab a snack or make dinner, were excited to pick from our rainbow of bright, fresh fruits and veggies.

Question: have you felt like your freezer is an endless black hole? Before this new Bosch refrigerator and tackling my freezer, there was honestly zero organization. I didnt know where anything was, and I got frustrated every time I tried to dig through it even when trying to find bigger items like chicken or the bag of fruit I use to make smoothies. (Or the frozen spinach I secretly throw into Lennoxs spaghetti sauce to get that extra vitamin C in his body!) Boschs three-tiered freezer system to the rescue! Now everything finally has a home and is easy to see. The meat is in the meat section, the fruits and veggies have their own section, as does any bread, rolls or buns I keep in the freezer. I even organized my frozen spices! Im on a roll, clearly.

Now, for the main part of the refrigerator I dont know about you, but for me, this was the part that was in such disarray. It was a massive mess before I tackled it. Thankfully, our new Bosch refrigerator has adjustable, split-glass shelving and door bins that made it easy for me to customize everything! I organized all the salad dressings in their own section of the door, then I put all the condiments together. Next, I decided I even wanted to organize it between Italian condiments and Asian condiments. LOL! I guess you could say I make a lot of different pastas and spaghettis, along with delicious stir-frys and currys. In my head, Ive always wanted these condiments to be separated, and with my new refrigerator, I finally had the room to do it.

The new Bosch refrigerator also has this awesome FlexBar, which can be moved around and completely customized to maximize any unused space. It allowed me to separate Lennoxs vitamins, or as we like to call them, liquid candy, into their own section of the FlexBar. I also have the wine rack set up on the FlexBar because, you know, mama likes her wine! I also added my own bins to help keep nut butters and jellies together and put the breads by them. Next, I wanted all of the dairy together so our milk, oat milk and creamers were an easy reach, and then we have the bubbly and flat waters together, too. Organized

Our new Bosch refrigerator was too pretty to be such a mess and making these simple tweaks has really made cooking fun for me again. Now every time I open my fridge or freezer, I smile instead of grimace. And, the refrigerator perfectly complements our full Bosch kitchen suite, making this mama one happy woman!

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