Social distancing is not a term I ever thought would become a household word, but now it seems like it is a part of every conversation

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As we all self-isolate and hope we are able to flatten the curve and preserve hospital space for those who desperately need it, it can be extremely stressful. None of us will come through this unscathed, whether from the illness itself or from the economic and personal ramifications of what must be done to curtail the spread.

There’s enough news out there to drive us all crazy, so rather than add to it, I’d like to help you take your mind off it and think about what you can do with the extra time you have at home. With movie theaters, restaurants, bars, and even salons closing around the nation, we will all have more time at home. These are the projects we always want to get to but never have time for.
Tackle the Tupperware
Not only is this a great time to organize your Tupperware, but it may be a good time to sell some. Some vintage pieces are selling for big bucks on eBay. Organize containers with matching lids; take this time to discard any that have been damaged.
Kondo Your Closet
This is a great time to go through your closet and really evaluate what you’re keeping. Whether you use Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” method or your own approach, separate clothes into throw away, donate, and keep piles. It’s also a great time to store away your winter clothes.
De-Junk Your Junk Drawer
Take everything out. That’s the only place to begin. Start by throwing away anything that ended up there that really should have been in the trash – broken pens and rubber bands, gum wrappers, old receipts you don’t need to file with taxes, and other unnecessary items. Then look for things that don’t belong in the junk drawer because they actually have a place of their own and put those items away. Finally, reorganize the junk drawer with the items you really do want to keep there, using containers to keep everything organized.
Have you considered Virtual Organizing?
Virtual Organizing goes well with Social Distancing. We are all in this together, and I have a lot of trust that we can weather any storm, especially a storm as big as the one we’re in right here, right now.

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