The 10 Best Watch Cases for Proudly Displaying and Protecting Your Most Sophisticated Accessorie

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There’s nothing better than a great watch. It’s a functional accessory that has grown into an entire world of luxurious, sophisticated and status-symbol accessories worn daily for the aesthetic appeal. Some watches go beyond the aesthetic and time-telling spaces and have smart, fitness-tracking capabilities as well. No matter who you are or how you spend your days — there’s a watch suited for you. Whether it’s a lavish timepiece made of some of the world’s most precious metals or your go-to portable clock with a leather wrist wrap attached — you’ll need one of the best watch cases to protect it.

Storing a watch is a nuanced but important step in being able to successfully wear one of these common and sought-after accessories. Whether your watch has a high price tag or is a modest staple in your everyday wardrobe, a watch case is crucial for protecting it and extending its longevity. You want a watch box that’s made of protective materials, is easily portable in case you pack your time-telling accents and hit the road, and gives you piece of mind knowing your timepieces aren’t lying exposed on your dresser or bouncing around in a drawer somewhere. A watch case is also a super adult move and a real sign of maturity — you’ll have your accessory organization and, let’s be honest, whole life together once you’ve got one of these. Here are the best watch cases for safekeeping, exhibition and giving back to your gear in 2020 and beyond.

1. Glenor Co Watch Box


This watch box has 12 different cushions for displaying your entire watch collection and keeping them safe at the same time. Each compartment is sized to fit a small or large watch the same and the larger box can be opened and closed with one hand for convenience. The watch box also comes with a gift box and a blank card to make it easier to gift to your brother, husband, father or friend. The box also doesn’t contain any magnets on purpose so your automatic and battery-operated watches stay safe. The construction is solid and the design is elegant — plus the price is not outrageous so you’re getting a lot of value for your money.

If you’re a watch collector looking to organize or need a practical, thoughtful gift for your boss — look no further than this carbon fiber display case made by people who know, and love, watches.

Buy: Glenor Co Watch Box $39.99


2. SONGMICS 12-Slot Watch Box


This watch holder has a glass lid for displaying and velvet lining for easy watch positioning once inside. The black leather on the outside contrasts nicely with the fabric on the inside, and the metal clasp that opens and closes the box shines. The transparent window up top allows you to reference your collection quickly when deciding what to wear, and the dense material protects your watches from nicks, scratches and dust from the outside.

Buy: SONGMICS 12-Slot Watch Box $16.99


3. Invicta 3-Slot Yellow Plastic Watch Box Case


This box closely resembles the carrying cases that expensive electronics and audio equipment gets transported in, complete with the foam interior and plastic exterior. The watch case is impact-resistant in its design and completely waterproof — so it’s great for storing vintage watches or those especially sensitive to the elements. The box is also completely dust proof when closed, a further level of protection. If preserving older watches or keeping your investment extra safe is your top priority, rather than display or easy access, this watch case is for you.

Buy: Invicta 3-Slot Yellow Plastic Watch Case $40.46


4. WATCHPOD Triple Watch Travel Case


This watch case is crush-proof and made of a soft lycra exterior and interior lining that keeps watches safe and makes travel easy. Each watch is stored in a separate compartment for protection and the ergonomic design makes it easy to fit in luggage, dresser drawers and anywhere you store accessories. Each slot has a concave design that prevents the bracelets from rubbing up against the back of the watches, and the case can fit any watches or fitness trackers up to 50mm.

Buy: WATCHPOD Triple Watch Travel Case $21.98


5. M Mirage Watch Roll Travel Case


Sometimes you just need to roll up your favorite wrist jewelry and hit the road, ya know? These travel watch cases are designed to help your timepieces make the journey — with divided compartments for each watch that ensures 100% separation and minimal damage. No more jostling during the trip and ending with scratches. The soft oval pillows in each compartment fit small and large wristwatches, and can be slid in and out without sacrificing the structural integrity of the case overall. The exterior is made of premium black PU leather with accent stitching and the interior is a soft velvet. Grab this case for transporting your go-to wrist watch on that family trip, to your cousin’s wedding or to keep in your daily go-bag in case a special occasion arises.

Buy: M Mirage Watch Roll Travel Case $69.00


6. BEWISHOME 20-Slot Watch Box Organizer


This large watch collection storage box is made of black premium PU leather and has velvet-covered sponge cushions on the inside for keeping watches secure in storage. The pillows are soft and yet won’t deform easily with time. Despite there being many of them, the velvet squares inside the case are large enough to accommodate men’s watches as well as women’s jewelry if need be. The sturdy metal hinge on the outside is high-quality and can be opened easily with one hand. The see-through glass window also displays your shiny accessories with pride so you can both admire and be reminded of how many you’ve collected over the years. It also has spaces for 20 watches, so if you’ve got a large collection this is a great watch case to invest in.

Buy: BEWISHOME 20-Slot Watch Organizer $41.99


7. CASE ELEGANCE 5-Slot Modern Watch Box


There aren’t many wooden watch case options out there, but this one is great for putting a smaller watch collection on display. The exterior is made of solid pine wood with a glass lid that raises and lowers easily. The soft pillows are set deeper inside the box for better protection, and each compartment is individually-lined. The box is made with high-quality treated wood that’s glossed and has a black felt bottom to prevent damage to other furniture.

Buy: Case Elegance 5-Slot Wooden Watch Box $84.77


8. Case Elegance Solid Expresso Watch Box


This watch case is also made with solid wood and comes with 12 different slots for watches of all sizes and makes. The sturdy design incorporates ridges, straight lines and a magnetic closure that ensures the lid stays closed. The soft watch pillows can cradle even the largest of watches and there are plenty of slots for a decently large collection to get organized. This watch case also comes with the option to engrave the top of glass window with a name so you can customize your order for your favorite watch collector in your life.

Buy: Solid Espresso Wood Watch Box $54.77


9. JINS&VICO Piano Finish Adjustable Automatic Watch Winder


This is a watch winder, so essentially a watch case on steroids. It won’t just protect your watches from the accident-prone external world — it’ll also wind up automatic watches every 12 hours or so. This watch winder has a high-gloss carbon fiber exterior and runs on a Japanese motor to wind and protect up to eight watches. The adjustable watch pillows inside are flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of watch band sizes. There is an LCD touch screen where you can set the winding settings for each watch including TPD settings and rotation preferences. This swanky option is best for those with automatic or manual watches that need extra TLC, and it can wind clockwise, counter-clockwise and both simultaneously.

Buy: JINS & VICO Watch Winder


10. Sodynee 12-Watch Display Organizer


This watch case has a large display-case-style window out front and all 12 watches are on the same level so your full collection is visible. This case is made of black leather, is lined with grey on the inside and has a lock and key for added security. Each convenient compartment inside is fully lined and the case is available in a 12 or 6-watch size depending on what you’re looking for.

Buy: Sodynee 12-Watch Organizer $18.99


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