The Best Kids’ Desks for Your Studious Youngsters

Even though remote learning has for the most part come to an end, it’s always important for your kids to have a designated study area. They deserve one of the best kids’ desks to make them want to sit down and do their homework. 

A desk for kids isn’t so different from a desk for adults. You still want it to be well made with a decent workspace, maybe some storage and to look good with the rest of the room. Everything just needs to be scaled to accommodate smaller humans. Some kids’ desks look exactly like a desk that any grownup would appreciate, and others are more fun, colorful or adjustable to please a younger audience. Even if your little one is too young to have real homework, it’s never too early to give them their own little desk to go to for coloring, reading or crafts when the older family members have work to get done. 

While your youngsters are enjoying the summer, you can also get them ready and excited for the next school year with one of the best kids’ desks for any age, space or purpose.


1. Mistana Baby & Kids Amani Desk


If you have a budding writer on your hands, or just like the style of a writing desk, this one will look great in most kids’ bedrooms. It’s simple but has enough detailing in the design to make it cool, and there are two soft close drawers to tuck away all necessary supplies. It also comes with a matching stool as an added bonus.

amani kids desk

2. BRIGHTSHOW Kids Desk Table and Chair


This kid’s desk is more fitting for a playroom and particularly suited for younger children. The desk and chair are both adjustable to grow with them to some degree, but the style is definitely better for a less serious work environment. It features a tiltable desktop, LED table lamp, bookstand and a pull-out drawer to accommodate tons of kid activities.

brightland kids desk and chair Buy: BRIGHTSHOW Kids Desk Table and Chair $79.99

3. Amastore Wooden Student Desk and Chair Set


Some kids have already acquired quite a collection of books and school supplies, and it’s convenient to have a desk that can also store all of their study or hobby materials. This sturdy wood desk has bookshelves, a book stand, four drawers and display space. Both the desk and chair are also adjustable in height, and make a pretty cute addition to any room.

amastore student desk Buy: Amastore Wooden Student Desk and Chair Set $115.99

4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Child’s Lift-Top Desk and Chair


A lift-top desk can be convenient if you want something minimalistic that also has storage. This very simple and sturdy wood desk and chair set will fit in with any decor. It’s basic but well made, and you can pop open the top to keep coloring books, notepads and other supplies out of sight yet easily accessible.

child's lift top desk and chair

5. Glaser Kids Writing Desk and Chair Set


If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that adds a pop of color to your space, this is the best kids’ desk to go with. It comes in five different color options, of which the teal and lavender are particularly vibrant. It’s a fun and functional way to liven up their bedroom and offers a perfect place for children five to 12 to do homework, crafts and more.

kids writing desk

6. KidKraft Study Desk with Chair


Having a little bulletin board offers a cute way for kids to pin up their artwork or photos for something nice to look at while they’re working away. This wooden desk also has two deep cabinets, a sliding drawer and a paper organizer for plenty of space to keep things tidy.

kidkraft study desk Buy: KidKraft Study Desk with Chair $234.99

7. Ikea Micke Desk


For a more sleek and modern vibe, this desk for kids is still functional without drawing too much attention. It has a clean and simple look that offers a work space but is also compact enough to be tucked away. There’s a small drawer for storage and a hole in the back corner so messy cables don’t have to be visible. It’s also super affordable.

ikea micke kids desk

8. Prepac Kurv Compact Student Desk with Storage


This cool curved kids’ desk makes a statement without being an eyesore. The unique shape is fun but still functional with plenty of workspace on the surface. There’s also open shelving on both sides for plenty of storage, and built-in cable or wire management.

kurv compact student desk

9. Quincy Kids’ Desk and Chair Set


Kids tend to want their own versions of things that resemble what their parents have. This set not only has a great simple desk with a two-level book rack, open compartment and shelf, but the chair looks like a real grown-up ergonomic desk chair. It has a mesh back, padded seat, and it’s on wheels. They’ll be comfortable and get to feel more mature.

quincy kid's desk and chair set

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